Thanks to all who made the end of 2016 all the more sweet & definitely an event to remember.

The exhibition will continue this week during the following hours:

Wednesday 1/4: 4PM >> 8:30PM
Thursday 1/5: 4PM >> 8:30PM
Friday 1/6: 4PM >> 8:30PM
Saturday 1/7: 1PM >> 6:00PM
Performance Night Hosted by Brennan Vickery begins at 8:00PM >> ??????
Sunday: 1/8: 1PM >> 6:00PM

On Wednesday 1/11 the gallery hours will be extended from 1PM until 8:30 with an informal closing party... feel free to shoot us any requests to see the exhibition during off hours at, we'll try our best to accommodate



Special thanks to the Robert Blackburn Printmaking community & staff for assisting us in this exhibition &&&&& their continued support of our project








Artist List:

Performances by:

Talibam! (Matt Mottel & Kevin Shea)
Hamburger Vampire's Fight Night! (Zebadiah Keneally & Bob Panza)

Bookshop Participants:

Actual Source (Provo, UT)
Ben Campbell (Brooklyn, NY)
Bibiana Skraby Medkova (Brooklyn, NY)
Cassandra (Brooklyn, NY & Baltimore, MD)
Codify Art (Brooklyn, NY)
David Kennedy Cutler (Brooklyn, NY)
Diagonal Press (Manhattan, NY)
Endless Editions (Manhattan, NY & Newark, NJ)
Glen Baldridge (Brooklyn, NY)
Louise Sheldon (Brooklyn, NY)
Norma (Los Angeles, CA & Brooklyn, NY)
Owen Keogh (Brooklyn, NY)
Sarah Nicole Phillips (Brooklyn, NY)
Shameless Enterprise (Los Angeles, CA & Brooklyn, NY)

Slavko Djuric (Manhattan, NY)
Soft City Publishing (Brooklyn, NY)
TXT Books (Brooklyn, NY)
Zebadiah Keneally (Brooklyn, NY)

Original Art Exhibited by:

Paul Anagnostopolous
Jazmine Catsus
Virginia Chian
Julie Curtiss
Amze Emmons
Florencia Escudero
Kyung Eun You
Stephen Faillace
Enrique Figueredo
Danielo Garcia
Lauren Gohara
Amber Heaton
Angela Heisch
Effi Ibok
Jeremy Jams
Essye Klempner
Karen Lederer
Younghoo Lee
Eric Legris

Nicole Marandola
Nontsikelelo Mutiti
Diana Palermo
Leanna Perry
Sahana Ramakrishnan
Khari Ricks
Nora Rodriguez
Audrey Ryan
David Schroeter
Nichole Shinn
Sean Suchara
Yasuyo Tanaka
Panayiotis Terzis
Amanda Thackray

Anthony Tino
Philip Tomaru
Breanne Trammell
Kate Truisi
Kevin Umaña
Kimberly Yunker (in collaboration with Sedrick Chisom)



Remote Risograph Printed Artworks by:


Valentina Alvarado
Stephanie Bell
Erik Benjamins
Angelica Bergamini
Cleo Bess
Sara Bonaventura
Maeve Broome
Shawn Bullen
Alyssa Eble
Shannon Finnegan
Matthew Flores
Ryan Frank
Helen Galioto
Leah Gallant
Lee Hunter
Adrian Kaeser
Roman Kalinovski
Godwin Koay
Heidi Korsavong
Driton Krasniqi
Leslie Lasiter
Cole Lu
Raul Martinez
Abraham Mascorro Morales
Jonathan McFadden
Dylan McManus
Gary Merrin
Sean Morgan
Matt Mottel

Nina Muccia
Anne Osherson

Redeem Pettaway
Rita Pinkusevich
Danica Radoshevich
Deny Ramos
Randolph Riback
Ricardo Roa
Emily Roff
Mikki Smith
Tiffany Tate
Ying Tong Tan
Aggie Toppins
Jimmy Viera
Lesley Wamsley
Jordan Wason & Eric Ashcraft
Darryl Westly
Taehee Whang
Insuh Yoon


Video Screenings by:



Tully Arnot
Sara Bonaventura
James Chae
Karen Chan
Marissa Goldman

Samier Hazlehurst
Annie Horner
Alex Hovet
Margaret Lee
Kenneth Loe (Soft//WALL//Studs)
Cole Lu
Colin O'Connell
Redeem Pettaway
Freya Powell
Brian Reeves
Liz Rodda
Kathia St. Hilaire
Christopher Thompson
Ying Tong Tan

Jordan Wason & Eric Ashcraft



Secret Installations by:


Shameless Enterprise (Brian Broker & Troy Kreiner)


Performance Night (1/7/2017):



Brennan Vickery
Elise Drake
Chris Tyler
Loretta Stoned
Sincerely Yours
Anne McRay






Thanks to everyone for coming out to the art book fairs in the past few months at P.S.1 and Space Gallery in Portland! Endless Editions is truly supported by Viewers Like YOU!

We had a show recently at EFA, Apparatus for a Utopian Image, that is up till 10/29 >> Go by the Gallery and use the wand scanners to help us document the exhibition into a Riso Zine that will be published after the exhibition closes.


Also proud to be showing in PRINTED MATTERS exhibition, Words Ending on Tape, opening 10/20 in Costa Rica!

Otherwise look for updates on our "get turnt n buy kunst" fundraiser and also the beginning of a new annual exhibition which pays homage to the beginnings of EE, a return to the OG Endless Exhibition



Endless EDITIONS in Europe

Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair

June 10th – 12th, 2016

at Akademie der Künste

Hanseatenweg 10, Halle 1+2

10557 Berlin

Free entry


Endless Editions is going international this weekend at Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair. The fair kicks off tonight at 5 p.m. at Akademie der Kunst. 

Every year, Miss Read brings together a wide selection of the most interesting artists, authors, and publishers, with 200+ participants. Here’s a taste of what you can expect at the fair:

  •  A fully-stocked Endless Editions table replete with some fresh new titles like Benjamin Critton’s Bills, Bills, Bills
  • A discussion with radical dissident publishers from Mexico, Rrréplica, among other exciting events
  • Conceptual Poetics Day, Saturday, June 11th, a series of talks, readings, and performances that explore the imaginary border between visual art and literature 


Celebrate Endless Editions’ Eurotrip with us tonight at the opening party starting at 9pm, and catch the complete lineup for the fair here.

Come say hello and support your Komrades in Kunst in Germany!

Visit us in Portland & Philadelphia // Copy Shop Residency Update

If you're around Portland Oregon come check out our table at SGCI in Downtown. We're also participating in exhibitions at these galleries: Disjecta; Land Gallery; Portland State University of Art & Design.

If you're around Portland Oregon come check out our table at SGCI in Downtown. We're also participating in exhibitions at these galleries: DisjectaLand GalleryPortland State University of Art & Design.

If you're on the East Coast >>> Be sure to stop by the City of Brotherly Love & consider getting some of our latest titles.

If you're on the East Coast >>> Be sure to stop by the City of Brotherly Love & consider getting some of our latest titles.


We are so happy with the latest Copy Shop Residents >> Apply HERE if you'd like to participate. We are ECSTATIC to announce that our latest round of fellowships were awarded to Benjamin Critton, Esteban Jefferson, and Rudy Shepherd all of whom received the fellowship based on merit.

Past fellowships were awarded entirely or in part to: Leslie Lasiter, Cole Lu, Christina Martinelli, Cory Siegler, Laura Byrne, Breanne Trammell and Shannon Finnegan. 

It's been a really great experience with over a dozen residents since September 2015. Here are some images of titles and the production that went into them.


Thanks to everyone who came out to our fundraiser last week. We appreciate all of your support!

Check out photo highlights from our event. Photos by Daniel Wang.

If you were not able to make it to our fundraiser event, you can always make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas on our SPONSORSHIP PAGE



Works by Panayiotis Terzis and Hope

November 19th - December 15th 2015
Opening Reception: November 19th, 2015, 7 - 10PM

Herc II, Digital Print on Cloth, Panayiotis Terzis, 2015.

Herc II, Digital Print on Cloth, Panayiotis Terzis, 2015.

The Earth Eaters features print media and video works by Panayiotis Terzis and Athens-based artist, Hope. In this exhibition, past and future collapse into a chaotic, sci-fi present. In collaborative and related works, Hope and Terzis cleave away the noise of our technologically advanced global civilization through primitive, ritualistic gestures inspired by the legacy of fallen cultures of the ancient past crossed with an apocalyptic, millennial dread. 


The Other Side -- New Paintings by Audrey Ryan

Halloween has always been Ms. Ryans favorite holiday -- these ideas of deprival, masquarade, cynicism and hopelessness are made extraordinarily beautiful by her gestural brush strokes.

New large paintings & Cocktails will be served. 

Opens October 29th 7PM - ??? // Closes 11/15



As expected this years Art Book Fair, hosted by Printed Matter, was insane. It was much cooler this year. Returning to the Xerox Paper Scissors tent is always exciting to see old friends and fellow exhibitors. 

With over 35,000 visitors to this years fair we had our hands full talking to all the guests, especially being front & center (almost like the information booth of the event) in the tent. Here are some photo-highlights of the event.

Oh and Klaus came by to help us out at our table -- was v. chill. He was very helpful and commented on the "very scary instagram foto" I took on the last day of the fair.



Jonas Bers shocked and awe'd as the events opener -- he absolutely shredded an ear melting experience. It was a set of supreme skill; Jonas revisited an old style of his newest innovation: the sonification of video. Find his more ambient and exploratory sounds on our cassette release from Frantasia here

Intrafaction performed their ritualistic performances capping the night off with a teaser off our Audio Release with an exhibition of the SMOMID played by Nick Demopolous, Audio Video by Kristen Mercy, Hillary Krishna and supported by Permian Strata.

Here's some pictures from the sold-out event:



Thanks to the Thomas J Watson Library for allowing us to host a zine making workshop during the Teens Take the Met event this October -- with over 4,000 teens coming into the event and forty community partners, the night was pretty intense & packed.

These kids made some amazing short books, posters and really inspired us to continue our project. The entire event was only three hours long, some of these kids spent ninety minutes designing their publications and finishing them. We were fortunate that most agreed to donate a copy or two for Endless & The Met Library to keep. Here are some images from the event and hopefully some scans of their zines will be available soon.

New Release | Piano Sequenza by Talibam!

Last week we released Piano Sequenza at Lincoln Center Film Society!

Piano Sequenza is a unique publication by Talibam! published by Endless Editions which coincides with their performance at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's "Sound + Vision" series. As a celebration of the 50-year anniversary of Luciano Berio's Sequenza IV for Piano, Talibam! decided to take on the compositional challenge of producing their very own Piano Sequenza. 
"Our method was to trigger piano notes using VHS audio from our personal collections, and to allow the spontaneous composition of our Sequenza by large groups of people in perpetuity. Specifically, to generate the piano notes, we recorded 88 separate minutes from our personal self-made VHS tapes onto 88 separate tracks into a digital audio workstation. We then programmed each of the 88 VHS audio tracks to trigger its own unique midi piano note — 88 tracks, 88 keys. Using this method, Talibam!’s goal is to create a different Sequenza for each instrument."

15 minutes of this composition and source video were recorded specifically for this VHS release!

Piano Sequenza by Talibam! is an infinite composition, but this limited release is available only as an edition of 10 copies through Endless Editions. 


Talibam!, a music duo from New York City featuring Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea, can be described in various ways -- as a classic keyboards/drums free jazz duo, as Dadaist provocateurs with an innate love for the history of music, as a theater group in the tradition of the Upright Citizen's Brigade, as an electronic ensemble inspired by Stockhausen, as amateur rappers, as techno dj's, etc. Since their inception in 2003, Talibam!’s ultimate goal has been to wed disparate ideologies through proficiency, controversy, inquiry, and compassion -- an approach perpetuating audiences and listeners to face, question, define, and attempt to defend their own level of tolerance. To date, Talibam! has traveled to over 40 countries, completed more than 30 international tours, and released nearly 30 albums. Double Automatism is one of their 2015 releases, available on 180gram vinyl and featuring Yasunao Tone + Sam Kulik

Piano Sequenza is available at Endless Editions Chinatown, 191 Henry Street, NYC 10002


Featuring the works of Artists:

Christina Martinelli , Cory Siegler, Leslie Lasiter  and Laura Byrne

Performance by Lizard Kisses

Photography by Daniel Wang

In case you missed our opening last week, and the epic performance by Lizard Kisses on Henry Street.

Staff Pics: Imagined Forms runs through July 2nd.

Endless Editions Chinatown is open Thursday-Sunday, 1-6pm and Wednesday by appointment. 

Upcoming Exhibition | STAFF PICS: Imagined Forms

June 11 - 25th, 2015
Opening Reception: June 11th, 7-10pm
Endless Editions Chinatown
191 Henry Street, NYC 10002

STAFF PICS: IMAGINED FORMS, features the work of Christina Martinelli, Cory Siegler, Leslie Lasiter and Laura Byrne. These four artists all represent unique approaches to contemporary image making techniques, incorporating abstraction, mixed media and the iconography of language. The exhibition includes works that appear to be systematically produced. As if in reference to a key, guide or a specific methodology, the underlying structural elements of these artworks are ultimately decipherable through intuition and their relationships to visual culture. This exhibition includes works on paper, painting, fiber arts, as well as independently published art books and prints plus new Riso prints made in collaboration with Endless Editions.

CHRISTINA MARTINELLI creates fictional sculptures out of a love and appreciation for sculpture, using color and repetition to form an image in space. Like most fantasies there is no realistic three-dimensional direct export into the physical world. Instead they follow the rules which are written in their own making, warbling in their lines, edges, and refusing exactitude in rebellion from the exactitude which is required of us daily.

CORY SIEGLER’s work centers on the need for the tangible, the skill of human hands, and the subtle nuances and imperfections that they create. The compositions are built out of simple shapes that become more complex through the use of repetition and color. Patterns oscillate and change, and new shapes and relationships can be seen through spending time with the artworks.

LESLIE LASITER’s series of invented symbols (“glyphs”) appropriates characteristics of digital iconography for the page, exploring the relationship between computer-generated and hand-drawn visual communication. The work incorporates pre-internet modes of correspondence: ephemeral elements of mail art such as rubber stamping and perforated lines.

LAURA BYRNE's work trestles a line between nostalgia and autobiography. Found photography and personal images inform her most recent work. Experimental printing techniques and ideas of identity are at the centre of her practice, tangents arrive in the drawing process, and are ventured at length. The results are a pattern of identity, a labyrinth of inner workings, autobiographical in their nature, curious in their application and understanding.

Endless Editions is located at 191 Henry Street between Clinton and Jefferson on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. By NYC subway, F train at East Broadway.

RSVP to STAFF PICS on Facebook.


The Provisions publication opens at the Gateway Project in Newark alongside Nick Kline's Glass Book Project. 

Gateway Project
Opening Reception: Thursday June 4, 6-9 pm
Adjacent to Newark Penn Station

Endless Editions has partnering with GlassBook Project: Provisions. A collaborative project by artist Nick Kline & Adrienne Wheeler. Provisions is an exhibition of artist books inspired by the recordings of the Krueger-Scott African-American Oral History Collection. The collection consists of over 200 audiocassette recordings of interviews from the african-american families that had migrated from the South to Newark between 1910 and 1970. 

The publications in this project were created in Nick Kline's Book Arts course at Rutgers University. Students participating in the project by creating one of a kind, interactive sculptures made of glass in book form directed by Kline's GlassBook Project.

The conceptual and formal elements used by artists in the creation of their sculptural books, were translated by Endless Editions into a limited edition collection of artist publications on paper. This collection includes the original Krueger- Scott questionnaire that was used to conduct the oral history interviews. The revived document printed in colored ink, gives off an informal and less scientifically objectifying conversation.

The Endless Editions Provisions publication is now available for sale at the Endless Editions store in New York City. For more information about the publication and exhibition, visit the Gateway Project website.

The Gateway Project is Reachable from New York City via NJ Transit from NY Penn Station, or NJ PATH from World Trade Center.
RSVP to Privisions on Facebook.