Salonukah 2014 + Kompüter Love for NYABF


Thank you to everyone who made it to our booth in the zine tent at this year's New York Art Book Fair, including the Gorilla Girls, (we miss you Gary). This year, we showcased the work of Zebadiah Keneally, Audrey Ryan, new works by Stephanie Land, Phil Sanders and presented fundraiser editions for our ongoing collaboration with Ashley May. Congratulations to all of our contributors to SPRTS, specifically those artists featured in our most recent issue: Pierre Chaumont, Panayiotis Terzis, Nora Rodriguez, Christopher Gideon, Andrew Marshall, Audrey Ryan and Anna-Marie Settine.

For all of your organization, ambition and support we would like to give special thanks to our homies at Printed Matter, Inc. You guys killed it.

We will be showing our work again soon at the Odds & Ends Book Fair at Yale University Art Gallery on December 5th, and at the LA Art Book Fair in January/February 2015.

All The Secrets to Life Revealed

Check out Hamburger Vampire this Thursday at Mixed Greens Gallery for a performance of Lunch Is Very Important... in conjunction with Rudy Shepherd's exhibition Disaster Fatigue. If you are still searching for all of the answers to the larger questions in life, you can pick up your very own deck at Mixed Greens, Printed Matter, Inc. and on our online store.


Yeah, it's happening....Trestle Gallery//December 17-24//2 works maximum #fightnight Get ready, bae!


The next issue of SPRTS comes out later this month. It's October so it's obviously the Scary-Spice edition.

This issue will feature a Top 5 list by Bill Curran, producer of the Nantucket and Hamptons Film Festivals. Here's a little bit of what's in store...

"Ding: one final round in the ring. Ninth inning, two outs, two strikes. The coach signals the quarterback: Hail Mary. Ten seconds on the clock, from the three-point line…

Underneath every sports movie is the innate drama of the tied game, the come-from-behind great hope, or the underdog with one more chance to prove themselves. But what's behind the sports drama? What makes a great sports movie? As is the way with Hollywood films––just about the only national cinema that really invests and cares in sports-centered films––a human, personal drama informs the thrill of the game. Balance, counterpoint, and build-up are essential to every great sports movie, but the best ones get close to the action of the sport, evoke their spirit, and don't take details for granted.

Next issue I'll look at the best sports movies. Or, the best sports movies according to this writer. Do not expect THE MIGHTY DUCKS to be on this list; I have no time for that..."

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