Welcome to Endless Editions

Endless Prologue

In the summer of 2012, six artists came together to produce an exhibition in the  Chashama gallery space on west 38th street, midtown Manhattan. The concept of this exhibition was Endless. 

Endless Editions is the most recent iteration of the Endless concept. This collaboration between Paul John and Anthony Tino aims at fusing the curatorial and printing experiences of both individuals to highlight artists, regardless of their background, career, gender, sexuality, age or previous work, in the production of limited edition books and prints. 

Paul John and Anthony Tino, have worked together since their days of studying in the department of Printmaking in New Paltz, NY. After receiving MFA/BFA degrees respectively, the two have been involved in the efforts of art institutions such as Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, Recession Art, and Con Artist Collective.

The curatorial eye of Endless Editions finds a specific interest in artists working across a broad range of media. Our mission is to realize the print concepts of these artists, many of whom may not posses the specific printmaking knowledge to do so on their own. We hope to aid in interpreting original ideas, and bring them to life in new formats.

Most of the works that we are currently producing, are created by means of a Riso Digital Printer, which is, in not so many words, a hybrid of xerox, offset, and screenprinting. Risograph printing remains a popular method of reproduction in most places in the world. This form of printing has seen an increase in popularity in cities within the United States the past decade in direct relationship with the increase in DIY publishing and in-home editioning. 

What may make Endless Editions unique in the world of 'micro-publishing' is our interests in both the production of material and the production of exhibitions. In January of this year, Endless Editions hosted an exhibition at Con Artist Collective in LES, Manhattan as guest curators. Many of our submissions which came from outside of New York, manifested themselves as original editions and prints, within the exhibition. 

In the coming months we will be focusing our energies on producing art by several artists including Zebadiah Keneally, Ashley May, Matthew Scott Gualco, and new comix by Endless alum, Audrey Ryan. Learn more about our projects in the future at endlesseditions.com. You can purchase Endless Editions products on our online store, and stay posted on upcoming events and releases, right here on our blog. Make a donation to Endless Editions at any time by following the "make a donation" instructions in the sidebar of this blog. Making donations to Endless Editions will help us to buy materials, and make future repairs on our machine, so that artists can realize their projects, without bearing an economic burden.

Coming soon is our Artists page, which will bio all of the artists that we represent. As always, follow us on social media. Stay #Endless, and stay tuned!