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Zebadiah Keneally's Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew Premiering This Week!

Images from the new Endless Editions release by Zebadiah Keneally.


Check out a performance by Zebadiah Keneally this friday, April 25th at The Power You Need! 8pm at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Get your Endless // Keneally fortune telling deck Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew at our OFFICIAL RELEASE PARTY on Friday May 23rd, at Court Tree Collective in Carroll Gardens.

Zebadiah Keneally is a performance and conceptual artist who operates under the guise of Hamburger Vampire. In Keneally's most recent performances, he uses the prop of a handmade deck of cards as the conduit to administer interactive psychic readings. Spreading several of these cards across a table, some bearing captions such as Friends and others with simple line drawings of geo-political borders, Keneally will generate a mystic prophecy in his performances. These prophecies are fueled by the underlying associations made by his participants, guided by this part-guru, part all-American salesman, played by the artist.

Keneally's fortune telling practice offers advice regarding love, life, money, and the general surrealistic quandaries of enlightened or intoxicated individuals. Given all the comparisons that one could make, for example a magic 8-ball, the I-Ching, the Tarot tradition; Keneally's readings offer a unique perspective, without the expected symbolism of wizards, elements or ask again laters. Keneally illustrates a much more current set of archetypes, which feel closer to home; ultimately these fortune tellings feel comically dualistic and the original drawing contained in the cards, optimistically critical.

Acts of fortune telling, and the faux-spiritualist performances of Hamburger Vampire are described by Keneally as being akin to the con-artist lifestyle of a "snake-oil salesman...the evil entrepreneur." These performative fortune tellings, especially when offered by Hamburger Vampire himself, pose the hyperbolic caricature of a scammy street-mystic, and similar to other works by Keneally, the emphasis is on great value. The general tone of these readings is best categorized as an expression of wit. The joke is on the sordid nature of business transactions and the uncanny resemblance of spiritual guidance and advertising.

The infamous Hamburger Vampire. Image courtesy of Zebadiah Keneally.

Keneally recently began working on a new set of fortune telling cards to be used in his performances. We are currently collaborating with Keneally on bringing these fortune telling cards to a larger audience. Our project is titled Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew. We are in the final stages of producing this edition of decks. Each deck will include seventy-eight, 3.5"x5" cards, printed in Flat Gold and Sky Blue RISO ink, and come enclosed in custom boxes.

The original drawings contained within Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew are as intricate as they are bold. Each card communicates a complete idea, which can become more complex and dynamic through combinations with other cards. This deck is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a collection of works, as well as the chance to appreciate and support a more systematic and conceptual approach to art making and performance.

Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew will be available to purchase through our online store, Desert Island Comics, and also at any upcoming Endless Editions event. 

Get an exclusive look at the finished product during Keneally's performance at The Power You Need!, this Friday April 25th at 8pm at the Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont Street. This event is a production of Brain Frame, a performative comix reading series, as part of the Brooklyn Zine Fest. Stay tuned for details regarding our official release party, which will be held at Court Tree Collective.

Until then, follow Zebadiah Keneally on Instagram @hamburgervampire and Twitter @hamburgrvampire and check out his artist website.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about, or reserve your copy of Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew.

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