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Endless Recap//Since our last update.

On May 23rd, we orchestrated a release party for Zebadiah Keneally’s Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets to Life You Never Knew You Knew at Court Tree Collective gallery in Carroll Gardens. At our release party the artist performed fortune telling readings with our edition of fortune telling cards. Making a cameo that night, was the infamous Hamburger Vampire.

We had a great time//had un poquito de cerveza: Here are some photos from Court Tree.

Lunch Is Very Important: All The Secrets To Life You Never Knew You Knew is available on our online store and at Printed Matter INC.

 Got a new ®î$ø

Got a new ®î$ø


We are big believers in “life is art” and we’re both having a hard time remembering how people play sports. We do however see the delicate beauty in competition. So in honor of all those beautiful moments which occur on the court, the field and on the television, we are launching a monthly periodical, SPRTS. Contributions to SPRTS are encouraged to analyze the ubiquity of team sports and highlight those everyday pickup games as well as those sports that literally get left on the sidelines.

In our first issue we have photographs and articles contemplating the demise of pro football, space jams 2, Hockey, and why Knicks Coach Mike Woodson looks great in a suit.

SPRTS magazine is a collection of photgraphs and articles written by artists, editors, and overall SPRTS enthusiasts.

Articles by:

Anna Marie-Settine

Audrey Ryan

Christian Fuller

Fuzz Reynolds

Matt Scott Gualco

Steve Arenius

Photographs by:

Christina Martinelli

Al Gore [the Internet]

Audrey Ryan

Illustrations by:

Audrey Ryan

SPRTS [DPRTS (en Español)] Vol. 2 will focus exclusively on the World Cup and will feature content in both English and Spanish, (Spanglish, if you will). We are currently accepting submissions to SPRTS Vol. 2. Continue reading for submission guidelines.

Open Call

Submission Guidelines:

All images must be less than 2MB*

All Audio should be linked to soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube or any similar internet platform.

All Video should be linked to vimeo, youtube, or any similar internet platform

*if images are selected for publishing hi-resolution files must be sent within three (3) days after acceptance.

For all interested in participating in this event send submissions to



-PJ & Anthony