This month Endless Editions will be traveling to Los Angeles, California to participate in Printed Matter's Los Angeles Art Book Fair, hosted by the Geffen Contamporary at MOCA. We are booth X93.

Premiering at LAABF

No Service • 15:11 • 77% • Prague • Cloudy • 41º • Sunday • Today • 43 34, a collaborative artbook with Amy Goldrich, Nick Kline and Margrethe Aanestad. Edition of 100.

Ashley May's Abecedarian A-M; a handmade, sculptural book which examines some of the highlights of the OED.

SPRTS Issues 6; featuring Noah Lyon, George Spencer and Neil Berger.

Cruisin' Cruisers by Glen Baldridge.

+ Test Pattern Books, a six month calendar ft. Bailey Jay, a sneak peak at our upcoming release with Intra Faction and our custom, knitted apparel by Andrew Salomone. 


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Camille Suissa, Martin Stainthorp, Jessica Kitchens, Nancy Hubbard, George Spencer, Emma Katz, Hasabie Kidanu, annemd63, Pierre Chaumont, Cory Siegler, Nina Keneally, Iviva Olenick, Mara Walker, Peilin Kuo, Kristin Capuano, Peter Capuano, Zebadiah Keneally, Michel Suissa, Nicole Marandola, Chris Gideon, Nick DeRuve, Frances Chang, Fire Hydrant Graphics, Joanny Paul, Jon Irving, Chelsea Mayo, Miriam McCormick, Henry Gepfer, Kiya Kim, Nora Rodriguez, Cherian Paul, Anne Croken, Lele Barnett, Mary Pinto, Carmen Hermo, Kharis Kennedy, Jennifer Dwyer, Sam Tercek, Slavko Djuric, Laura Blüer, Ellen Grossman.

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No Service • 15:11 • 77% • Prague • Cloudy • 41º • Sunday • Today • 43 34

At 80WSE Gallery

February 7th, 5-7pm

As part of Printed Matter's "Learn to Read Art: a Surviving History of Printed Matter"

"No Service 15:11 77% Prague Cloudy 41º Sunday Today 43 34 depicts and responds to a muddy and chaotic flea market in Prague. This book includes photos, found reviews, paint interventions and scanner manipulations assembled in a seemingly haphazard and free-form method; one that is representative of the atmosphere of a flea market.

The collaborative method used to create No Service... is represented in its bibliography, which itemizes not only the research that was done while creating this book, but also the conversation that took place among the collaborators during its production. The interventions made on photos, along with the selections of found material, were created in the same amount of time that an individual might spend at a flea market; a single day. The intention is to create the appearance of everything being on the verge of falling apart."