Upcoming Exhibition | STAFF PICS: Imagined Forms

June 11 - 25th, 2015
Opening Reception: June 11th, 7-10pm
Endless Editions Chinatown
191 Henry Street, NYC 10002

STAFF PICS: IMAGINED FORMS, features the work of Christina Martinelli, Cory Siegler, Leslie Lasiter and Laura Byrne. These four artists all represent unique approaches to contemporary image making techniques, incorporating abstraction, mixed media and the iconography of language. The exhibition includes works that appear to be systematically produced. As if in reference to a key, guide or a specific methodology, the underlying structural elements of these artworks are ultimately decipherable through intuition and their relationships to visual culture. This exhibition includes works on paper, painting, fiber arts, as well as independently published art books and prints plus new Riso prints made in collaboration with Endless Editions.

CHRISTINA MARTINELLI creates fictional sculptures out of a love and appreciation for sculpture, using color and repetition to form an image in space. Like most fantasies there is no realistic three-dimensional direct export into the physical world. Instead they follow the rules which are written in their own making, warbling in their lines, edges, and refusing exactitude in rebellion from the exactitude which is required of us daily.

CORY SIEGLER’s work centers on the need for the tangible, the skill of human hands, and the subtle nuances and imperfections that they create. The compositions are built out of simple shapes that become more complex through the use of repetition and color. Patterns oscillate and change, and new shapes and relationships can be seen through spending time with the artworks.

LESLIE LASITER’s series of invented symbols (“glyphs”) appropriates characteristics of digital iconography for the page, exploring the relationship between computer-generated and hand-drawn visual communication. The work incorporates pre-internet modes of correspondence: ephemeral elements of mail art such as rubber stamping and perforated lines.

LAURA BYRNE's work trestles a line between nostalgia and autobiography. Found photography and personal images inform her most recent work. Experimental printing techniques and ideas of identity are at the centre of her practice, tangents arrive in the drawing process, and are ventured at length. The results are a pattern of identity, a labyrinth of inner workings, autobiographical in their nature, curious in their application and understanding.

Endless Editions is located at 191 Henry Street between Clinton and Jefferson on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. By NYC subway, F train at East Broadway.

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