In remembrance of, and a way to pay homage to, the age old local Copy Shop, we are now accepting applications to the Endless Editions Copy Shop Residency.

The Copy Shop residency is awarded to artists working in all media, whose work coincides with the Endless Editions vision. Residents will have the opportunity to collaborate with Endless Editions in the production of Riso prints or books. Unlike traditional residencies, the Copy Shop Residency can be as short as one day depending on the depth & scope of the proposed project. Each resident's work will be published by Endless Editions and all work will be split 50/50. We will be offering positions at the Copy Shop Residency year round.

Residents will have access to:
-Photo Imaging computer
-Epson Scanner
-Laserjet printer

Endless Editions will provide:
- Consumables: Ink, Masters, Paper
- Space
- Consultation on final print design
- Access to a Risograph Printer and all Finishing equipment

Length of Residency:
A resident of the Copy Shop can apply for a stay of as little as a single day. Residents can designate the length of their stay during the application process. Multiple residents may be scheduled at a single time.

$5 application fee

$50 per day (zines and books are minimum of three days; Posters or prints are one poster per day)


The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
323 W. 39th Street
3rd Floor
NYC, NY, 10018

Residencies will be open year round & can be extended into intervals of consecutive days rather than one long period of time.


Application Instructions:

1) To apply to the Copy Shop Residency please send three low resolution JPEG images of proposed work or relevant material to Please write "Copy Shop Residency" in the subject of the e-mail.

2) Complete the Application Fee donation below with your contact name and matching email

3) Send a prototype, PDF maquette, or detailed description of your proposed project. Endless gives priority to those who have given a lot of thought and planning to their projects. The more prepared you are for the residency - the easier and shorter it can be. 

This is not a print-service; Endless Editions does not do contract work. If you would like to have your book made for you contact & he will try to find a good fit for you.

Application Fee