The Earth Eaters

Works by Panayiotis Terzis and Hope
November 19th - December 15th 2015
Opening Reception: November 19th 15th 2015 7 - 10pm

  Herc II,  Digital Print on Cloth, Panayiotis Terzis

Herc II, Digital Print on Cloth, Panayiotis Terzis

The Earth Eaters features new and collaborative works by New York City-based Panayiotis Terzis and Athens Greece-based Hope. Past and future collapse into a chaotic, sci-fi-present in this collection of prints and videos. In collaborative and related works, Hope and Terzis cleave away the noise of our technologically advanced global civilization through primitive, ritualistic gestures inspired by the legacy of fallen cultures of the ancient past crossed with an apocalyptic, millennial dread. 

The Other Side: New Paintings by Audrey Ryan

Audrey Ryan Solo Exhibition
October 29 - November 16th 2015
Opening Reception - October 29th, 7 - 10pm

The Other Side is a series about alienation. These works are at odds. At times their conflict is tangible, and manifests in substance, while other times it is a phantom. Sometimes the fight is raging; sometimes a mere background hum or a silent motion. These works have made worlds for themselves and within these worlds, they could either live forever or self­-destruct.

Audrey Ryan is a figurative artist currently working in the NYC/ NJ area. In 2012, she graduated from the BFA Drawing and Painting program at SUNY New Paltz. Her studio is currently located in the Gateway Project, in Newark, NJ. Ryan recently received a merit­ based grant to attend the Vermont Studio Center residency this November and will also be a returning Artist in Residence at the Wassaic Project, in Wassaic NY in April 2016.

More works by Audrey Ryan can be found on her website:

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Les Mauvais Joueurs | August 13th - September 24th

Featuring Claire Burelli and Pierre Chaumont
Opening Party: August 13th, 7-10pm
Endless Chinatown

Endless Editions presents Canadian artists Claire Burelli and Pierre Chaumont in their exhibition titled ''Les Mauvais Joueurs'' (The Sore Losers).

In this exhibition, both artists used and reinterpreted the game of chess by transforming one set of pieces each. By doing so they highlight the cultural aspects of this famous board game. On the white side, Burelli has manipulated her pieces through a glitching technique and by using archives of famous matches where human and computer compete to expand upon the human-versus-machine relationship and its finality. On the black side Chaumont questions the Staunton chess set by reintroducing historical and cultural pieces former to the standardization of 1924.

Claire Burelli is a french artist working in Montreal. She received her degree from UQAM school of design. Her work has been shown in Europe, Canada and the U.S.  The themes behind her work are inspired by memory and its transmutation from a personal to a collective perspective. She is also deeply tainted by her mediterranean heritage.

Pierre Chaumont is a conceptual artist who works around the idea of the stranger. This idea behind his work translates into a distinct structure that either conceptually or physical exists and operates on a bigger scale. He has shown work in the U.S., China, Japan, Slovenia and Canada.  He is part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Laurentians, The Museum of Art in Lendava, Slovenia and his work is included in many private collections

It's a long ballgame: SPRTS 1 Year Anniversary

Original Artwork by:
Christopher Gideon
Nora Rodriguez
Breanne Trammel
Ian Trask
George Spencer

Anti SPRTS Launch

On View Through September 10.


STAFF PICS: IMAGINED FORMS, features the work of Christina Martinelli, Cory Siegler, Leslie Lasiter and Laura Byrne. These four artists all represent unique approaches to contemporary image making techniques, incorporating abstraction, mixed media and the iconography of language. The exhibition includes works that appear to be systematically produced. As if in reference to a key, guide or a specific methodology, the underlying structural elements of these artworks are ultimately decipherable through intuition and their relationships to visual culture. This exhibition includes works on paper, painting, fiber arts, as well as independently published art books and prints plus new Riso prints made in collaboration with Endless Editions.

CHRISTINA MARTINELLI creates fictional sculptures out of a love and appreciation for sculpture, using color and repetition to form an image in space. Like most fantasies there is no realistic three-dimensional direct export into the physical world. Instead they follow the rules which are written in their own making, warbling in their lines, edges, and refusing exactitude in rebellion from the exactitude which is required of us daily.

CORY SIEGLER’s work centers on the need for the tangible, the skill of human hands, and the subtle nuances and imperfections that they create. The compositions are built out of simple shapes that become more complex through the use of repetition and color. Patterns oscillate and change, and new shapes and relationships can be seen through spending time with the artworks.

LESLIE LASITER’s series of invented symbols (“glyphs”) appropriates characteristics of digital iconography for the page, exploring the relationship between computer-generated and hand-drawn visual communication. The work incorporates pre-internet modes of correspondence: ephemeral elements of mail art such as rubber stamping and perforated lines.

LAURA BYRNE's work trestles a line between nostalgia and autobiography. Found photography and personal images inform her most recent work. Experimental printing techniques and ideas of identity are at the centre of her practice, tangents arrive in the drawing process, and are ventured at length. The results are a pattern of identity, a labyrinth of inner workings, autobiographical in their nature, curious in their application and understanding.

ENDLESS | MAY 14 - 28TH | 2015

ENDLESS is a group show of artists whose work deals with information, reproducibility and mediation, addressing issues related to the digital experience, the infinite, and authenticity. Featuring the core artists that Endless Editions has worked with in the past, ENDLESS highlights the publications of Endless Editions as well as original artworks by

Panayiotis Terzis,
Margrethe Aanestad 
Jonas Bers 
Zebadiah Keneally
Ashley May
Slavko Djuric
Stephanie Land
Andrew Salomone
Nick Kline
Audrey Ryan
David Kennedy-Cutler
Glen Baldridge
Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Intra Faction.

Photos by: Stephanie Land