Les Mauvais Joueurs | August 13th - September 24th

Featuring Claire Burelli and Pierre Chaumont
Opening Party: August 13th, 7-10pm
Endless Chinatown

Endless Editions presents Canadian artists Claire Burelli and Pierre Chaumont in their exhibition titled ''Les Mauvais Joueurs'' (The Sore Losers).

In this exhibition, both artists used and reinterpreted the game of chess by transforming one set of pieces each. By doing so they highlight the cultural aspects of this famous board game. On the white side, Burelli has manipulated her pieces through a glitching technique and by using archives of famous matches where human and computer compete to expand upon the human-versus-machine relationship and its finality. On the black side Chaumont questions the Staunton chess set by reintroducing historical and cultural pieces former to the standardization of 1924.

Claire Burelli is a french artist working in Montreal. She received her degree from UQAM school of design. Her work has been shown in Europe, Canada and the U.S.  The themes behind her work are inspired by memory and its transmutation from a personal to a collective perspective. She is also deeply tainted by her mediterranean heritage.

Pierre Chaumont is a conceptual artist who works around the idea of the stranger. This idea behind his work translates into a distinct structure that either conceptually or physical exists and operates on a bigger scale. He has shown work in the U.S., China, Japan, Slovenia and Canada.  He is part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Laurentians, The Museum of Art in Lendava, Slovenia and his work is included in many private collections