Endless Editions is looking for work exchange volunteers to join our team in New York and Newark. As a work-exchange of a growing publishing, exhibition, and artistic support effort, volunteers at Endless Editions will be able to take on responsibilities that fulfill personal interest in artist publications, arts administration, risograph education, and graphic design. In particular we are interested in finding volunteers to assist in the functionality of two main sites of operation: Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and The Gateway Project studios. All of our collaborative projects require volunteers with unique skill sets and are eager to be continuously learning.

An increased team of people working on Endless Editions projects can help us to bring our mission of supporting artists irregardless of career status, background, gender, age, sexuality or work experience to more artists at a faster rate. Volunteers will also ensure that all of our publications are given care in the final stages of publishing, exhibiting and sales and will receive in return support from Endless Editions in their own artistic, intellectual and technical pursuits.

Below are descriptions of the general areas of volunteer work that one can partake in through Endless Editions, along with the location that volunteers will report to.

Exhibitions | New York, NY & Various Location

Individuals who are interested in gaining experience in curatorial endeavors will both work remotely and meet on occasion in Newark, NJ at the studio, at artists studios, or at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. This program will provide opportunities to practice the basics of art handling, installing exhibitions, curating book displays, selecting works for publication, art book fairs, and working directly with artists to realize their vision. A volunteer at Endless Editions might be someone who is excited about creating events or evening programming or someone who is interested in art marketing. Curatorial volunteers will able to make critical aesthetic decisions within our publishing project, produce literature to accompany our exhibitions, publications, and online forum, communicate with artists and press outlets, provide administrative support and administer sales of books and original artworks at our exhibitions, pop-ups, and events all over NYC, the United States, and in some instances, the World. 

RISOlyfe | Newark, NJ | RBPMW, NYC

Volunteers who are interested primarily in Riso printing, imaging, book design and working as a print shop technician will report to one of two locations in Newark, NJ for all production and for assistance in the Copy Shop Residency, and the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan.  Endless has full production studio in The Gateway Project which is connected to Newark Penn Station. This studio contains all of the equipment to produce publications from start to finish. Riso and printing volunteers may be interested in hands on work, being meticulous, color theory and printmaking. These volunteers will have essential responsibilities to the functionality of the growing project that is Endless Editions and will have the opportunity to work with Endless Editions on their own projects. ** PATH Cards are distributed to Newark Volunteers **

What is expected of volunteers

-We expect our Administrative volunteers to commit to at least 4-6 hours per week, and Riso volunteers to commit to at least 6-8 hours per week. Both must have the flexibility of staying longer during openings, or when we are down to the wire on production. The minimum exchange is six consectutive weeks. Once four weeks of training have passed, work exchanges may start using their earned hours for their own projects.

-Volunteers working in either location, may be expected to perform tasks at both locations, which will ultimately introduce them to a broader range of skill sets. 

-Volunteers will help Endless Editions during art fairs such as The New York Art Book Fair, Prints & Multiples in Baltimore, Philadelphia Art Book Fair, Etc.

-Volunteers recognize that their efforts contribute to a larger community of artists that they are a part of.

In return, volunteers will...

-Be compensated with access to book making tools, equipment and consulting from Endless Editions Representatives. Every hour you volunteer to Endless Editions is an hour you have access to our workshop, our printers (including 20# copy paper, but not other stocks), binding + finishing equipment, and consultation from us on final design.

-Work with many artists at all career levels and will be in contact with important outside arts organizations in NYC and Newark.

-Will receive commission on sales or percentages of editions. 

-Will be encouraged to start their own publishing or arts initiative and will receive guidance. 

-The possibility of school credit if coordinated with your academic advisor.


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